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Retro Music Academy will teach you everything that you always wanted to know about how to DJ right in a relaxed environment where your style, ideas and goals matter the most. Whether this is a passion or a hobby DJIng can grow to be much more then that; a fun lifestyle while you get to share the music you love in your own settings or elsewhere.More opportunity to learn! Classes are one-on-one in private setting, which means you learn faster through individualized attention.More time to perform! At Retro Music Academy, we want you out there! So you’ll quickly learn the basics in one-on-one sessions! But the goal is to get you into the DJ booth and to start performing!More technology! At Retro Music Academy, you will learn in our custom-built, state-of-the-art DJ booths, and international club-quality equipment!


Want to learn how to DJ, or how to Produce your own music, or both?

 Choose from a range of Dj and Music Production Courses on offer and be educated by our industry leading professional instructors.


Not sure where to start?

 Contact us for a FREE consultation session to see how we can begin or further your career in the entertainment industry.


Need to use industry leading equipment for a demo, To get some practice time in or do live audio recordings?

If you are already experienced, our extremely well equipped facilities are available to produce or record your latest work.


DJ & Studio Equipment – Speakers – Amplifiers – Software.

 We stock all industry leading brands in our comprehensive and easy to browse online store.


Become a member of our Retro Music academy community and instantly qualify for discounts on your next purchase.


Having a Wedding, 21′st, corporate function or an event of any sort? 

 Let our experienced Discotronic division take care of your entertainment with a customized package to suite your every need.

Call us now to setup a FREE consultation.

Trading Hours
•    Monday – Friday 10am -5pm
•   Tuesday – Wednesday 12am -8pm

•    Saturday – 10am – 2pm